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Deploy your virtual machines in seconds through our portal or via the API, automate everything and scale as you need. Your data is kept in Switzerland under strict privacy.

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{{ simple_instance_price(instance) | number:0 }} {{ currency }} month
{{ instance.ram }} RAM
{{ instance.cpu }} CPU Core{{ instance.cpu === 1 ? '' : 's' }}
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{{ configured_instance_price(selected_instance) | number:0 }}
{{ currency }} / month
{{ configured_instance_price(selected_instance, {billing_time:'hr'}) | number:4 }}
{{ currency }} / hour
  • {{ selected_instance.ram }} RAM
    {{ selected_instance.cpu }} CPU Core{{ instance.cpu === 1 ? '' : 's' }}
  • SSD Disk
    {{ selected_instance.disk_sizes[sel_instance_disk_index] | append:' GB' }}
  • Os Family
    Windows is not available on this instance size.
Perfect for:
  • Load balancing
  • SSH bastion host
  • SMTP server
  • Name server
  • Ruby / Python / Node.JS application server
  • Monitoring server
  • JVM application server
  • Jenkins CI server
  • Database host
  • Elasticsearch server
  • Memory cache (Memcached, Redis)
  • HTTP cache (Varnish, Nginx)
  • Hadoop workloads
  • Machine learning
  • Database and search indexes
  • Spark workloads
  • Large scale simulation
  • Graphics rendering
  • Big Data
  • Large Data Lakes

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Cloud computing picto
GPU Servers

All the performance of our classic compute instances combined with latest generation GPU cards and extra-large SSD storage. Run Tensorflow or any other Deep Learning workload in a breeze.

Learn more about GPU Servers

GPU instances require account validation: access is provided with priority to established businesses and is granted after a first pre-payment of 500 {{ currency }} to validate the identity of the company and its accounting data.

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{{ simple_instance_price(gpu_instance) | number:0 }} {{ currency }} month
{{ gpu_instance.gpu }} GPU
{{ gpu_instance.ram }} RAM
{{ gpu_instance.cpu }} CPU Core{{ gpu_instance.cpu === 1 ? '' : 's' }}
{{ }}
{{ configured_instance_price(selected_gpu_instance) | number:0 }}
{{ currency }} / month
{{ configured_instance_price(selected_gpu_instance, {billing_time:'hr'}) | number:4 }}
{{ currency }} / hour
  • {{ selected_gpu_instance.gpu }} GPU
    {{ selected_gpu_instance.ram }} RAM
    {{ selected_gpu_instance.cpu }} CPU Core{{ selected_gpu_instance.cpu === 1 ? '' : 's' }}
  • SSD Disk
    {{ selected_gpu_instance.disk_sizes[sel_instance_disk_index] | append:' GB' }}
Perfect for:
  • PostgreSQL parallel execution
  • 3D rendering
  • AI with Tensorflow, Torch, Caffe
  • Image recognition
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Map-Reduce & Monte Carlo
  • Machine Learning
  • Geometric Algebra Computation, Mathlab
  • Spectral analysis
  • Deep Learning with multi GPU
  • Video encoding
  • Trend forecasting

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We'll contact you personally and we'll not register your address for other commercial purposes.

Fast cloud server boot time picto
30 seconds average boot time
SSD based cloud servers
Full SSD for unbeatable performance
Secure cloud computing picto
safe Swiss privacy law
Multiple OS images support picto
Comes in the flavour of your choice
Network bandwidth pictoBandwidth pricing
Free first 1 TB outbound to Internet,
after {{ configured_generic_price(prices.opencompute.traffic, false, currency) | number:4 }} {{ currency }} / GB**
  • Free inbound from Internet.
  • Free between Exoscale Zones.
  • Free between all instances.

**Read more about how bandwidth is billed.

Network bandwidth pictoElastic IP pricing
{{ configured_generic_price(prices.opencompute.eip_address, false, currency) * 720 | number:0 }} {{ currency }} / month {{ configured_generic_price(prices.opencompute.eip_address, false, currency) | number:4 }} {{ currency }} / hour
SSD disk pricing pictoDisk and snapshots** pricing
{{ configured_generic_price(prices.opencompute.volume, false, currency) | number:5 }} {{ currency }} / GB hour
Size Monthly Hourly
{{ disk }} GB {{ volume_price(disk, 'mo') | number:0 }} {{ currency }} {{ volume_price(disk, 'hr') | number:4 }} {{ currency }}

**Read more about how snapshots are billed.

Object Storage pricing picto

Store and organize digital assets in a fast and reliable S3 compatible Object-Storage. Plug-in your application via the API, use a simple web interface or script it with your existing tools.

Learn more about our Object-Storage
Volume {{ configured_generic_price(prices.sos.storage_volume, false, currency) * 720 | number:5 }} {{ currency }} GB / month
Networking OUT {{ configured_generic_price(prices.sos.storage_traffic, false, currency) | number:4 }} {{ currency }} GB
Networking IN Free
Perfect for:
  • Store and distribute your digital assets: images, videos, files and more
  • Machine and application backup
  • Big Data result sets
DNS pricing picto

Manage your DNS zones with a straightforward web interface. Bundled into simple packages for web sites owners, sysadmins and developers. One click monthly subscription without commitment.

Learn more about our DNS zone hosting
Small: 1 zone {{ configured_generic_price(prices.dns.small, false, currency) | number:0 }} {{ currency }} month
Medium: 10 zones {{ configured_generic_price(prices.dns.medium, false, currency) | number:0 }} {{ currency }} month
Large: 50 zones {{ configured_generic_price(prices.dns.large, false, currency) | number:0 }} {{ currency }} month
Per request Free
Perfect for:
  • Up close management of your DNS records to your cloud instances
  • Integration in your configuration management through the API
  • High requests web applications

How it works in detail

How are services billed?

Our services are billed by the exact time (up to the minute) or unit of metering you consume. You credit status is updated every hour. Monthly prices shown on this page are calculated on a standard 720 hours month, without interruption, and are rounded. Instance profiles in this page include the disk price for the amount you configure. Base currency is either CHF or EUR depending on your initial legal residence. For USD, the exchange is calculated using the official Swiss average exchange rate of the latest 30 days. For a precise and detailed view of our prices have a look at our official pricelist (pdf).

How does snapshot billing work?

Snapshots are billed according to the size of their volume: a snapshot of a 100GB volume counts for 100GB. Snapshots are copied outside the compute infrastructure to secondary storage within the same zone providing a solid data protection solution.

Which payments methods are accepted?

We accept various secured payment methods, major Credit Cards such as VISA or MasterCard, Postfinance cards and PayPal. Post-paid invoicing allows you to pay by Bank Transfer too.

Can I scale RAM and CPU?

Through the interface you will be able to choose between the predefined Instances profiles you see in this page. You can scale up and down to a lower or higher profile when you want. You can find more details on how to do so in our scaling documentation.

How are your subscriptions billed?

Subscriptions are charged monthly and are due for full months. If you start a subscription on the 10th of a given month, you will be charged a full month, and same when you cancel your subscription before the end of the month. Base currency is either CHF or EUR. For USD, the exchange is calculated using the official Swiss average exchange rate of the latest 30 days.

How does bandwidth billing work?

The bandwidth is billed hourly and takes in account the number of machines running during the last one-hour period. Effectively, there are 1.42 GB of output bandwidth for free per machine. If a machine doesn’t use its free tier, it is reported on other running machines of the same organization. So, with 5 machines running during the last hour, there are 7.1 GB of free output bandwidth. The exceeding bandwidth is billed.

Are powered-off machines billed?

Powered down machines will only be charged for resources still in use. Therefore, the volume attached to your Instance will still be charged. During trial period, computing resources are charged even when the machines are stopped. This behavior is converted to the default behavior on first payment.

It is possible to get post-paid invoicing?

Yes, we offer a monthly post-paid billing option. It is available upon request and is activated after a case by case examination, depending on volume and payment history. Post-paid Invoicing is also supported in EUR and USD currencies.

It is possible to have a bigger volume size?

When creating your Instance you will be proposed a range of fixed disk sizes corresponding to the Instance’s profile you wish to start (10GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 400GB and 800GB). Once your Instance started you can expand the disk size as you like by minimum increments of 1GB. The upper limit is 800GB for general purpose instance profiles. Would you need more disk space than 800GB we will be more than happy to activate larger instance profiles that extend up to 1600GB: just contact our support through the interface. You can find more details on how to scale your disk size in our documentation.