Speed up your AI models picto

Speed up your AI models

More than 100 teraFLOPS of Deep Learning performance to train your AI models in only a few days. Problems previously unsolvable can thus be decoded.

Identify trends picto

Identify trends

Forecast trends by analyzing past behavior data with AI algorithms. GPU2 is purposed for enabling you to discover trends within your data.

Compute workloads not prices picto

Compute workloads not prices

​​Get your artificial intelligence models running with our GPU2 at a fair cost to performance ratio.

GPU2 based on NVIDIA Tesla V100

Our GPU2 is based on NVIDIA Tesla V100 graphic cards known for unmatched performance for Tensor operations. The Volta GPU architecture of NVIDIA is a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI). With 640 Tensor Cores, the GPU delivers over 125 TeraFLOPs per second which is a massive increase compared to prior generations.

Tesla V100 is designed to provide the most powerful computing engine for data science. The combination of both NVIDIA CUDA and Tensor Cores results in a GPU that delivers the performance of an AI supercomputer.

Start your GPU2

Be part of the AI-driven world

In a world becoming more and more AI-driven, it is essential to gain a foothold in it. With one of the most advanced GPUs built specifically for AI workloads, you are well prepared to get your AI models running. Be faster with the Tesla V100 in discovering new solutions, getting detailed insights or building personal virtual assistants.

Discover the best cost to performance ratio

Our GPU2 comes at a fairly priced cost to performance ratio. Choose between four different options, from 1 to 4 GPUs coming with SSD storage from 100 GB up to 1.6 TB depending on the chosen instance type.

RAM CPU Cores GPU Cards Min Local Storage Max Local Storage Price / Hour ({{ currency | uppercase }})
Small 56 GB 12 Cores 1 GPU 100 GB 800 GB {{ prices.opencompute.gpu2.small[currency] | number:8 }}
Medium 90 GB 16 Cores 2 GPU 100 GB 1.2 TB {{ prices.opencompute.gpu2.medium[currency] | number:8 }}
Large 120 GB 24 Cores 3 GPU 100 GB 1.6 TB {{ prices.opencompute.gpu2.large[currency] | number:8 }}
Huge 225 GB 48 Cores 4 GPU 100 GB 1.6 TB {{ prices.opencompute.gpu2.huge[currency] | number:8 }}
  1. [1]

    Local Storage is not included in the displayed Instances price, and has a cost of {{ prices.opencompute.volume[currency] | number:8 }} {{ currency | uppercase }} / GiB hour.

  2. [2]

    Instance needs to be shutdown for hypervisor and platform updates as it cannot be live-migrated.

  3. [3]

    Available in the following Zones: AT-VIE-1

  4. [4]

    Please note that GPU instances require account validation: access is provided with priority to established businesses, and is granted after a manual screening process.

Make use of your data

Data Scientists are needed everywhere. Enable their work of AI and deep learning and accelerate data analysis with our GPU2. Deep learning frameworks, like Caffe, Tensorflow, and CNTK, will find their home on the GPU2 instances based on the NVIDIA Tesla V100.

Level up with NGC on Exoscale GPUs

Combine the simplicity and scalability of the Exoscale Cloud with the power of NVIDIA GPUs. With our Docker based template you can access the full potential of the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) and significantly reduce time to solution.

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides a selected set of GPU-optimized software for artificial intelligence applications, visualizations and HPC. The NGC Catalog includes containers, pre-trained models, Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments and specific AI toolkits with SDKs.

NGC catalog works with both Exoscale Compute and Exoscale SKS. The image template for SKS worker nodes embeds the optimized version of the container runtime for Nvidia cards making it quick work of starting any application from the catalog without fiddling with drivers and CUDA versions.

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GPU2 Features

Technical Specifications GPU2

Description Specifications
Graphic Card Tesla V100
Cuda Cores per card 5120
Tensor Cores per card 640
GPU memory per card 16 GB
GPU cards 1-4
CPU cores 12-48
RAM per instance 56-225
SSD local storage max. 1.6 TB (SATA)
Zone AT-VIE-1
Works with Compute



Get started in our integrated environment with just a few clicks.

Why GPU2 on Exoscale

swiss knife picto
  • Shared or dedicated Hypervisors
  • Large SSD Storage
  • No resource sharing
network bandwidth picto
  • Cutting edge GPUs
  • NVIDIA cards
  • Pass-through access
cloud orchestration picto
  • Complete platform integration
  • Terraform support
  • API support
Choose from a Wide Selection of Officially Supported Templates
Multiple OS images support picto

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