A solid European cloud hosting alternative.

Powerful concepts. Simple interfaces. Built for teams.

Easily use anti-affinity groups and spawn virtual servers in different data centers to ensure high availability. Securely configure firewall rules across any number of instances using security groups. Manage team members and control access to your infrastructure with organizations, keypairs and multi-factor authentication. Our simple and intuitive interfaces make powerful concepts easy to use for teams of any size.

Exoscale's web interface

No surprises pricing. Start smart, scale hard.

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  • Instance sizes for any workload.
  • From small clusters or even single servers to powerful big-data nodes.
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  • One simple hourly price, prorated to the second.
  • Industry leading price performance ratio.
  • True pay-per-use.
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  • Cluster friendly traffic pricing.
  • Free internal traffic between all your instances.
  • Free in-bound and 1 TB/month free out-bound per instance.
Full pricing Compute Instances, GPU, and more

Why Exoscale

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