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Working at Exoscale

Join a dynamic working environment with a cutting-edge team based in Lausanne. Exoscale strives to create an environment with great working conditions and welcomes diverse applicants.

We encourage a healthy work & life balance, value input from our team and help everyone grow professionally. Open Source is a large foundation of our platform and we encourage and sponsor contributions to existing or new projects.

We participate in global communities, through our attendance and sponsorship of conferences as well as in some more local events. We value community and try to do our part fostering and building a great tech scene in our area.

Our internship positions each correspond to a specific project, for a duration of at least 4 months and in our Lausanne headquarters. We intend to make these paid internships worthwhile learning experiences and will provide mentorship both technical and organizational throughout the projects lifecycles.

We also support the @hackerpledge to provide a hacker-friendly workplace for our engineers

Open positions

Site Reliability Engineer

Location: Lausanne

Apply (CV and cover letter)

As parts of its ongoing efforts to grow its infrastructure footprint across Europe, Exoscale is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer.

The site reliability engineer position is focusing on ensuring constant availability of the Exoscale product portfolio. The engineering team at Exoscale works on all aspects of Exoscale from developing products, to their operation and support. Site reliability engineers are expected to take part in the on-call roll after a training period.

With an expanding customer base and new physical locations rolling out in 2017, as well as new products to further advance Exoscale’s product portfolio, site reliability engineers maintain a wide range of products and technology stack. As users of Exoscale itself, site reliability engineers also take active part in improving products.

Candidates will be expected to be strongly familiar with UNIX, as well as key networking concepts. Knowledge of configuration management solutions and large scale infrastructure is considered essential. Knowledge of one or more of Clojure, Python, or Go will put candidates at an advantage as will familiarity with Kubernetes.