Quick to get started picto

Quick to get started

Start your first cloud server in seconds. Easily choose the perfect size, storage and data center for your server.

Easy to run and scale picto

Easy to run and scale

Resize your cloud server or add servers to your cluster in seconds. You stay in control of your infrastructure.

Fully cloud native picto

Fully cloud native

Automate your infrastructure with our API and tooling integration. Go cloud native at your own pace.

A simple user interface.

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Cloud Server Features

  • Instances for any need feature image

    Instances for any need

    High-performance KVM powered virtual machines for any workload. Select from our pre-defined instance sizes to configure your cloud server's CPU cores and memory. From 1 core and 512MB up to 24 cores and 225GB memory.

  • Linux and Windows support feature image

    Linux and Windows support

    Select from Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat, Atomic or Container Linux, Windows or even OpenBSD. Easily run your cloud server on the operating system of your choice.

  • 100% local SSD storage feature image

    100% local SSD storage

    All our instances are powered by enterprise-grade local SSD RAID10 storage for insane I/O performance and ultra low latency. And if you run our of space you can easily add more storage any time.

  • Security and anti-affinity groups feature image

    Security and anti-affinity groups

    Assign security groups to automatically apply firewall rules and use anti-affinity groups to launch virtual machines on different physical hypvervisors ensuring high availability.

  • Virtual machine snapshots feature image

    Virtual machine snapshots

    Take a snapshot of your cloud server to backup your data and configuration. Easily restore your instance to any snapshot with the click of a button.

  • Cluster friendly traffic feature image

    Cluster friendly traffic

    Inbound traffic is 100% free. And if you run a cluster, all traffic between your nodes is free too and your loadbalancers get 1 TB of outbound traffic per node in the cluster.

  • Live migrations feature image

    Live migrations

    Our live migration feature makes sure that we can always keep the hypervisors up-to-date, improving performance and security without requiring reboots of your VMs.

  • Security and privacy feature image

    Security and privacy

    All our zones are powered by enterprise-grade data center providers. And as a Swiss company we are governed by some of the strongest data privacy laws in the world.

  • Elastic IP feature image

    Elastic IP

    Assign additional public IP addresses to one or several instances in addition to its regular IP address.

  • IPv6 enabled feature image

    IPv6 enabled

    All our instances benefit from public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. These IP addresses are persistent across reboots.

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