Privacy License Agreement

Data classification

Personal information, like any other data we handle, has been classified in our systems and been given policies regarding the following actions:

  • Create
  • Store
  • Use
  • Share
  • Archive
  • Destroy

Standard classes

3 layers of classes are enforced.


The low class comprises of:

  • Civility
  • Coordinates
  • Client identity
  • Client relation
  • Billing elements (cycle, medium,…)


The medium class comprises of:

  • Traffic
  • Logs to our services
  • Communications (phone, mail, email, chat) with exoscale


The high class comprises of:

  • Client secret authentication information

Special classes

Credit card information

Furthermore, Exoscale does not store or archive credit card number or CCV2 information. These pieces of information are only transferred to the credit card processor. Identification of your account between Exoscale and the credit card processor is done through an anonymized token. This token is stored and exchanged with the processor encrypted.

Forbidden classes

These information are non collectable items in regards to any Exoscale activities. Therefore they will never be used, stored or shared on our systems and by our staff: These not only include:

  • Racial origin, ethnic, political or religious beliefs, labor-union membership, sexual interests or to the health.

Revision to the Privacy License Agreement

The privacy license agreement is revised on an annual basis.


Your personal data is never transferred and stored to third parties. external companies except for the strict use of our services, such as credit card processing.


This site does not use cookies directly for tracking. However, as we rely on Google services for ads and search, Google tracking is enforced. Please note that you can opt out of Google tracking by following this link.

Cookies are enabled in application to ensure correct functionality once you are logged in. You may disable the use of cookies for this application but we cannot ensure correct behavior of the portal application.


You can request at any time to access the personal information stored with us as required for the use of the service or in the matter of a sales process (registration, communication with sales department,…).

These enquiries should be addressed by emailing to be handled by the Exoscale Data Protection Manager.

This contact is also the sole contact for requesting a change or deletion of forementionned information.