We are multihomed on all locations; connected directly to different Tier 1 and Tier 2 transit providers with multiple 10 Gbps links. Several peering connections with major local actors grant first in class performance in our geographical area. Internal networking is supported by a robust 100 Gbps backbone.

Map of Switzerland with datacenters locations

Frankfurt DE-FRA-1

The German DE-FRA-1 datacenter is ideally placed to serve teams looking for GDPR-compliant cloud servers. Hosted by the Equinix data center facility.

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Munich DE-MUC-1

With the Munich zone, industries and financial ecosystem of the region can get access low latency cloud hosting and leverage DE-MUC-1 either as a primary or secondary site for business critical applications.

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Vienna AT-VIE-1

Located in the Arsenal, a former military complex, our location in Vienna follows our strict requirements for data center choices.

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Geneva CH-GVA-2

Placed close to European financial ecosystems and global markets, CH-GV-2 is hosted by the Equinix data center facility.

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Zurich CH-DK-2

Based in one of the latest Equinix datacenters in Switzerland, CH-DK-2 is placed in the middle of Switzerland's densest network exchange point.

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Sofia BG-SOF-1

Our Zone in Sofia aims to empower the thriving startups, SMBs and Enterprise businesses in Southeastern Europe with the IaaS resources they need.

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Close to all main European nodes

Amsterdam city symbol
Amsterdam 10.17 ms
London city symbol
London 8.72 ms
Milan city symbol
Milan 7.85 ms
Moscow city symbol
Moscow 25.0 ms
Paris city symbol
Paris 4.82 ms
Median measure from our nearest datacenter to 8 different RIPE Atlas probes located in the target city.