Our European Data Centers

We are multihomed on all locations and connected directly to different Tier 1 and Tier 2 transit providers with multiple 10GB links. Several peering connections with major local actors grant first in class performance in our geographical area. Internal networking is supported by a robust 10GB backbone.

Map of Switzerland with datacenters locations

Geneva CH-GVA-2

Placed close to European financial ecosystems and global markets, CH-GV-2 is hosted by the Equinix data center facility.

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Zurich CH-DK-2

Based in one of the latest Equinix datacenters in Switzerland, CH-DK-2 is placed in the middle of Switzerland's densest network exchange point.

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Vienna AT-VIE-1

Located in the Arsenal, a former military complex of buildings, our location in Vienna follows our strict requirements for data center choices.

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Frankfurt DE-FRA-1

The German DE-FRA-1 datacenter is ideally placed to serve teams looking for GDPR-compliant cloud servers. Hosted by the Equinix data center facility.

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Close to all main European nodes

  • Amsterdam city symbol
    Amsterdam 10.17 ms
  • London city symbol
    London 8.72 ms
  • Milan city symbol
    Milan 7.85 ms
  • Moscow city symbol
    Moscow 25.0 ms
  • Paris city symbol
    Paris 4.82 ms
Median measure from our nearest datacenter to 8 different RIPE Atlas probes located in the target city.