We believe in the efficiency of online learning experiences and increasing access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, by utilizing advanced technologies based on up-to-date research.

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No barriers to entry

Application to our Academy platform is easy, accessible, and straightforward for anyone. There are no closed doors or excluding criteria.

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Expand your knowledge

Joining the Exoscale Academy means entering the world of the Open edX learning system for added flexibility in your education journey.

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Increase your skill-set

Access certification exams to demonstrate your Exoscale proficiency and experience to customers and partners.

One Academy, open to anyone, anywhere


Courses are your segway to more accessible and faster learning of all Exoscale technologies and features. Hosted and operated on the leading learning platform Open edX used by education institutes and enterprises worldwide.


Exams are the Proofpoint of your understanding of Exoscale technologies. You can challenge yourself and earn certifications to prove your knowledge to others and share it on social media if you want.

Join the growing community of certified Exoscale experts

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Life-long learning is the challenge we all have to accept. We at Exoscale make that challenge easier for you by providing enhanced online learning experiences with easier access to a high-quality education platform from any place, on any device, and for anyone. Hans Berndl, SEM

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Benefits of our Academy

Contact our Academy Team

A question? Unsure about your enrolment? Contact our Academy Team and let us advise you individually about our courses and exams.

Trusted by engineers across Europe.

When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. Our customer success engineers have helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe migrate, run and scale production workloads on Exoscale.