Exoscale Foundations

Learn everything about the basic principles of the Exoscale platform. From Starter to Advanced, we have the right course for you, no matter what kind of technical background you have.

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Get started with basic knowledge about Exocale. Build a comprehensive knowledge base about our product portfolio and the cloud.

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Deep-dive into the Exoscale cloud platform. Learn how to automate cloud infrastructure, leverage our features and get an unmatched understanding of our product range.

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Complex cloud pricing? Not with us! Get an understanding of our product pricing and walk through different pricing scenarios based on real-world examples.

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SKS Foundations

Build a foundation to use our Scalable Kubernetes Service (SKS). From simple starter courses to technically advanced courses, we help you become the next SKS expert on our platform.

SKS Starter

SKS Starter

Deploy and run containerized applications with ease. We guide you through the first steps of container orchestration and understanding basic Kubernetes concepts.

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SKS Advanced

SKS Advanced

Building up on your existing K8s knowledge, we dive deeper into Kubernetes concepts, related storage technologies, applications and troubleshooting.

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General Foundations

Get started with basic knowledge about the cloud and related technologies, as well as understand how we use them at Exoscale.

Kubernetes Intro

Intro Kubernetes

Understand the basic principles of containers and container orchestration, as well as why Kubernetes and containers are beneficial.

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DBaaS Intro

Intro DBaaS

Build your basic understanding of database concepts, benefits and how to select appropriate technologies. Also, understand the concept of Managed Databases.

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Learn at your own pace


Your Learning Experience

Courses specially designed for our VAPs and Agents

Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

Become an Exoscale Certified Sales Professional and deep-dive into Exoscale Services, pricing and use cases.

Certified Solution Architect (CSA)

Become an Exoscale Solution Architect by getting a technical introduction to networking fundamentals, databases and general concepts of the cloud.

Join the growing community of certified Exoscale experts

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Life-long learning is the challenge we all have to accept. We at Exoscale make that challenge easier for you by providing enhanced online learning experiences with easier access to a high-quality education platform from any place, on any device, and for anyone. Hans Berndl, SEM

How to register for Exoscale Academy courses

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