Quick to get started picto

Quick to get started

Start your first Kubernetes cluster in 100 seconds. Focus on your application manifest, not on Kubernetes system administration.

Easy to run and scale picto

Easy to run and scale

Resize your cluster and add nodes to your application in seconds. You stay in control of your infrastructure.

Member of CNCF picto

Member of CNCF

Plays well with the community ecosystem. Exoscale is a supporting member of the CNCF. Go cloud native at your own pace.

Making Kubernetes easy and scalable


SKS Features

SKS Certifications

Trusted by engineers across Europe.

When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. Our customer success engineers have helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe migrate, run and scale production workloads on Exoscale.

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