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Quick to get started

Set up your database within minutes. Focus on your application, we take care of the rest.

Open Source picto

Open Source

Choose between a wide range of open source managed databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka and Redis™.

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Fully managed

Don't care about maintenance or upgrades. Launch your database, we manage it.

Managed PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a popular open source relational database known for its variety of features. It supports both SQL and JSON querying. The database offers a high level of integrity, correctness, and reliability. Rich features like MVCC, point in time recovery and asynchronous replication are part of the PostgreSQL database.


  • TLS encryption in transit
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Daily Backup
  • Dedicated instances
  • Highly scalable
  • Reliable performance

We offer four different kinds of plans you can choose from. Plans differ mainly by redundancy and data protection mechanism used.


  • Hobbyist
  • Startup
  • Business
  • Premium

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Managed PostgreSQL database as a service

DBaaS Features

Powered by

Our DBaaS is powered by Aiven, one of the leading European companies for managing open source data infrastructure in the cloud. The partnership offers Exoscale customers an integrated environment for their complete cloud infrastructure – without any security compromise. Both companies are GDPR compliant to ensure highest standards for customers’ data. The sole use of open source projects make sure that customers are not vendor locked-in and always at the latest standard of technology.

Trusted by engineers across Europe.

When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. Our customer success engineers have helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe migrate, run and scale production workloads on Exoscale.

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