Understand your data picto

Understand your data

An open-source search and analytics platform to better understand your data.

Stay in control picto

Stay in control

Connect various data sources in JSON and search, analyze and visualize easily with OpenSearch.

Make meaningful decisions picto

Make meaningful decisions

Dig into your log data to make meaningful decisions.

Managed OpenSearch on Exoscale

Managed OpenSearch on Exoscale is the ideal solution for all, who need to handle log analytics and search engines. Centralize your logs from other services.

With the OpenSearch Dashboards included in every plan you can easily stay in control of your data and make meaningful decisions.

Exoscale managed databases let you focus on your apps and business, while we care for maintenance. With security at our core, rest assured, that your data is safe.

Start your database

Process petabytes of data

Ingest data from various sources and search, analyze, and visualize them with ease. Want to stay in control of your application? Easily use Managed OpenSearch for application monitoring or anomaly detection. Tons of log data? Dig into your data and fully understand it. Advanced search and aggregation helps you to better use your data.

Save costs with the right plan

Every company or database needs the right plan. From small application monitoring to analyzing petabytes of data, with the right plan you save costs - every day. Choose the right plan depending on redundancy needs and data protection mechanism required.


Hobbyist plans are suitable for small applications. All Hobbyist plans come with a single hourly backup. Database forking is available for this plan. Data retention is only limited by storage.

Memory Volume size Nodes Replication Factor Price / Hour ({{ currency | uppercase }})
Hobbyist-2 2 GB 16 GB 1 0 {{ prices['dbaas-opensearch']['hobbyist-2'][currency] | number:8 }}
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    Available in all Zones

OpenSearch Dashboards

Data visualization has never been easier. With the OpenSearch Dashboards being part of every plan, you can easily keep track of your data. A default dashboard interface is deployed with every database to create stunning visualizations.

Data visualization has never been easier


Managed OpenSearch Features



Get started in our integrated environment with just a few clicks.

Why Managed OpenSearch on Exoscale

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  • Dedicated Instances
  • Daily Backups included
  • Automated failover
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  • Fully managed
  • Open Source
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
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  • Complete platform integration
  • Terraform support
  • API support

Powered by

Our DBaaS is powered by Aiven, one of the leading European companies for managing open source data infrastructure in the cloud. The partnership offers Exoscale customers an integrated environment for their complete cloud infrastructure – without any security compromise. Both companies are GDPR compliant to ensure highest standards for customers’ data. The sole use of open source projects make sure that customers are not vendor locked-in and always at the latest standard of technology.

Trusted by engineers across Europe.

When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. Our customer success engineers have helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe migrate, run and scale production workloads on Exoscale.

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