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Scalable, reliable, and S3 compatible storage. Perfect for your cloud native infrastructure.

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S3 compliant Object Storage, no lock-in picto

S3 compliant Object Storage, no lock-in

Easily integrate our S3 compliant Object Storage into any existing app or workflow, using your existing clients and libraries. Or use our polished online interface.

A Cloud native Object Storage solution picto

A Cloud native Object Storage solution

Object Storage is important when architecting cloud applications for scale. Get better scalability, reliability, and speed than just storing files on the filesystem.

For any kind of data, pay only what you use picto

For any kind of data, pay only what you use

Use Object Storage for static assets, user uploads or backups. We offer a performant solution with a fair pay-per-use pricing and no hidden costs.

A simple interface you and your team will love.

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Object Storage features for Cloud Native implementations

  • S3 compatible API feature image

    S3 compatible API

    Easily integrate our Object Storage solution in your apps using S3 compliant libraries. Or connect with a GUI or CLI tool. Simply set a new endpoint and credentials.

  • H/A Object Storage replication feature image

    H/A Object Storage replication

    We replicate data stored in our Object Storage on three different high-available nodes, in order to keep your important data safe. Our Object Storage SLA is covered by our general 99.95% SLA.

  • Direct HTTP/s access feature image

    Direct HTTP/s access

    Serve files directly from low latency, high bandwidth object storage via HTTP or HTTPS and keep your own servers free to do more important things.

  • ACL and CORS support feature image

    ACL and CORS support

    Set per bucket policies to manage permissions and control access. Or configure cross origin headers to use object storage from browser based applications and websites.

  • Metadata support feature image

    Metadata support

    Store additional information about your objects in key-value pairs and easily access this metadata through HTTP headers in every Object Storage response.

  • Keep your data in your country feature image

    Keep your data in your country

    All data and replicas of our Object Storage service are stored in the country of your choosen zone. We offer Object Storage in Switzerland, Germany, and soon in Austria too.

Calculate your Object Storage costs With a flat and simple pay-per-use pricing, we make it easy to estimate your Object Storage costs.

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