Integrations available for Exoscale


We support some of the best clients out there. Follow the link and find out how to integrate them your workflow with the Exoscale platform.

Exoscale cloud platform with Vagrant


Vagrant can help you build development environments rapidly and repeatedly on Exoscale.

Exoscale cloud platform with CloudMonkey


Easy to use CLI interface written in Python that lets you browse and control the Exoscale Apache CloudStack based API.

Exoscale cloud platform with cs


This is the official CLI client for the Exoscale compute API. Very lightweight it can also be embedded as a library.

Exoscale cloud platform with LibCloud


With native support for more than 50 different cloud platforms LibCloud is one of the most versatile libraries for automation of compute and storage.

Exoscale cloud platform with jCloud CLI

jCloud CLI

A wrapper command line interface around the jClouds Java library. A standard CloudStack driver compatible with Exoscale is available.


Container orchestration

Cloud native tools are embracing containers as a great way to build, ship and run applications.

Exoscale cloud platform with Docker Machine

Docker Machine

Docker Machine provisions the hosts, installs Docker Engine on them, and then configures the Docker client to talk to the Docker Engines. The best way to start single containers or clusters with Docker Swarm too.

Exoscale cloud platform with Rancher


With its full integration with Docker API and components, Rancher is one of the most complete platforms to orchestrate container based deployments of applications. It can also manage the underlying infrastructure with Exoscale API for instances and security groups.

Exoscale cloud platform with Kubernetes


One of the most active open-source projects, Kubernetes or k8s for short, offers container cluster management with powerful yet simple concepts.


Automation and Configuration Management

As DevOps ourselves, we use automation and configuration management tools everyday. On our platform you'll be able to use the best tools available.

Exoscale cloud platform with Puppet


Puppet can be used to take advantage of all the orchestration features Exoscale can offer. Using Puppet Resources or the Puppet provisioner, you can deploy and configure your instances directly in your manifests.

Exoscale cloud platform with Terraform


Written in GO, Terraform enables to configure the full spectrum of your infrastructure from compute instances to their DNS entries. It takes your infrastructure and makes it converge towards its desired configuration state.

Exoscale cloud platform with Chef


Written in Ruby, Chef can via its Knife component the ability to create, manage and destroy Exoscale resources. Chef benefits from an incredible list of software and configuration recipes.

Exoscale cloud platform with PalletOps


Pallet is an exception in the configuration management tools for not having agent on instance. Written in Clojure, Pallet can bootstrap Exoscale instances and be configured to scale resources as required.

Exoscale cloud platform with Ansible


With what is called in the Ansible universe Playbooks, the tool is able to automate just about anything. Ansible, via the Apache LibCloud interface, can also maintain an inventory and deploy instances on Exoscale.

Exoscale cloud platform with SaltStack


This python based configuration management tool has been designed with IaaS Cloud Computing in mind. It can interface natively with all resources of Exoscale through the rich Apache Libcloud library.


Third party platforms integration.

Discover how to integrate our cloud services with some great third-party platforms.

Exoscale cloud platform with Slipstream


Slipstream, by technology partner Sixsq, is a 1-click multi-cloud application deployment platform. Real multi-cloud solution built on open source software, Slipstream can deploy simple to complex applications repeatedly with orchestration and dependency management.

Exoscale cloud platform with ActOnCloud


ActOnCloud is the Swiss army knife of cloud power users. It brings advanced analytics, autoscaling and more features in a single multi cloud control panel. With native support for Exoscale API orchestration and cost reporting is a few clicks away.


Extend Simple Object Storage

Using these set of certified tools with SOS, you can browse, backup or map object storage from various OS and environments

Exoscale cloud platform with CloudBerry


CloudBerry provides an extensive palette of tools for integrating Object Storage with Windows. You can browse storage, map a drive like a simple share or even backup your complete OS and application.

Exoscale cloud platform with Cyberduck


This free software provides a versatile GUI for S3 compatible transfers as well as Duck a CLI tool for power users. Both are available on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms.