We believe trust is essential to durable relations, and we aspire to get yours. To do so, we regularly undergo third-party audits to help you meet your compliance obligations. We commit to take a stand for our core values of security and privacy, to be the safe and reliable IaaS partner you are looking for.

Regulations, Frameworks and best practices we comply to

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    We adopt the WISE framework risk assessment methodology SCI version 2, in order to offer continuous and trustworthy services for the Research and e-Infrastructures communities.

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    We are compliant to Swiss FINMA requirements and regulations, allowing you to securely deploy your financial products and services on us.

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    We strictly enforce GDPR regulations and best practices to all our clients, no matter their geographical provenance.

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A doubt? Unsure if we comply to a specific regulation not listed here?

Contact our Customer Service and let us know your requirements. It may be covered by other certifications or regulations we comply to.