What is FDPA?

Exoscale and the Revised Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection

Rooted in Switzerland, Exoscale has consistently championed the principles of data protection, adhering unwaveringly to the Federal Act of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection (FDPA) from our very inception.

In 2020, Switzerland undertook a significant step in fortifying data protection standards with the introduction of the Revised Federal Act on Data Protection (Revised FDPA). Effective since September 2023, this legislation aligns with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring a unified approach to data protection throughout Europe.

What Does This Mean for Exoscale? Exoscale has consistently prioritized data protection, showcasing our commitment by implementing the GDPR standards as early as 2018. This early adoption positioned us advantageously, ensuring that our practices not only meet but often exceed regulatory expectations. Our proactive approach has been our hallmark, and it's this foresight that guarantees our alignment with evolving regulations.

After a thorough review, we are confident that our existing privacy statements are in full alignment with the new Swiss law, further solidifying our robust compliance posture. Clients can continue to place their trust in Exoscale, knowing that our data protection measures are both comprehensive and ahead of the regulatory landscape.

Download additional compliance reports from the Exoscale compliance center.


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