Can I trust Exoscale?

Exoscale has been founded in 2011 and has now several years of successful and reliable service behind it.

We are backed by Telekom Austria Group and service small to huge workloads for startups, enterprises and organizations worldwide. Our clients come from a variety of sectors as B2C SaaS, Financial, Health and Scientific Research. We have been chosen by the CERN among other competitors to serve a workload up to 10,000 cores.

The company is based and operated in Switzerland, is protected by Swiss privacy laws, and offers several zones in Europe. Our platform is no-lock-in and pay-per-use. We also refund your outstanding balance if you are unsatisfied.

We strive to be a simple, scalable, safe alternative to major US companies, with an edge on security, privacy and support.

Where are your headquarters located?

Our headquarters is located in Switzerland, from where we also operate our platform. You can find our address below.


Do you offer managed services?

Through the partner network, we can suggest both professional services and recurring managed services for workloads and data running on our cloud.

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes, we have Partner Programs. Learn more and apply at our partner section page.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes, we provide a referral system under the agent section in our partner section.

Do you offer HIPAA business associate agreements (BAA)?

Yes, this is possible. We already have it in place with several customers. Please contact our support from within our portal or from the contact page for more information.

What is the current status?

You can check our status page anytime to know about incidents, planned maintenance and more.


How am I billed?

Unless noted otherwise, most resources are billed by the second on exact consumption usage. Credit is updated on an hourly basis.

What are your payment options?

Default payment method

The default payment method is via a supported credit card or PayPal account. Supported credit cards are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

The payment is done on a pre-paid basis, crediting funds to your account. VAT is charged upon adding funds. Post-paid is also possible - see the postpaid question on how to apply.

Additional payment methods

Bank Transfer

All customers can request adding funds to accounts using SEPA or SWIFT bank transfers. Please indicate to support the amount you wish to add and the bank transfer method in order to receive the appropriate billing information.

For a pre-paid account, should I worry about spending more money than the balance on that account?

You add x credit to your account, create and then run an instance. As soon as your credit reaches 0, your instance will be stopped and you won’t be able to start it back without adding credit.

For a stopped instance, it will cost you only for the storage allocated. This means that if you wait a few hours or days, your credit will go negative, according to the storage cost. If you then choose to add credit, you need to add enough to be at a positive balance in order to start your instance up again.

If you choose to not add credit, all your instances will be removed after several weeks and reminders we send out to you.

Does Exoscale support post-paid invoicing?

Yes, post-paid invoicing is available on our platform with the same choice of payment options from PayPal, credit cards or bank transfer. Usage is then summed up and invoiced each month. Real-time tracking of the current usage is available in the web portal.

To apply to post-paid invoicing, we only require you to:

  • Register as an organization
  • Make one pre-paid payment

Sent invoices are due for payment in ten days.

Can I have invoices in a particular currency?

Invoicing is currently supported for Swiss francs, Euros and US dollars.


Is the pricing in the calculator for a 720-hour standard month?

Yes, all monthly prices estimated by the calculators are on a 720-hour base.

Will I be billed for idle (powered down) machines?

Powered down machines will only be charged for resources still in use. Therefore, disks attached to your instance will be charged each additional hour used.

During a trial period, machines are charged even when stopped. This behavior is converted to the default behavior on first payment.

How is the output traffic billed?

The traffic is billed hourly and takes the number of machines running during the last one-hour period.

Effectively, there is 1.42 GB per hour of output traffic for free per machine. If a machine doesn’t use its free tier, it is reported on other running machines of the same organization. So as an example, with five machines running during the last hour, there is 7.1 GB of free output traffic. The exceeding traffic is billed.