Quick to get started picto

Quick to get started

Integrated DNS for your cloud servers. Easily manage your servers and your DNS from the same interface.

Per zone pricing picto

Per zone pricing

Simple per zone pricing with unlimited queries. Never worry about unpredictable costs. DNS made simple.

Fully cloud native picto

Fully cloud native

From ALIAS records to full API access and unlimited records. Cloud native DNS for your infrastructure.

A simple interface you and your team will love


DNS Features

  • GEO replication feature image

    GEO replication

    All your zones are replicated to over 40 servers worldwide. This makes sure your DNS is always available from anywhere in the world and queries can be anycast routed.

  • Anycast DNS feature image

    Anycast DNS

    Speed up your sites with faster DNS resolution. Anycast DNS answers your user's DNS queries from the geographical closest server. Shaving off valuable milliseconds from each request.

  • ALIAS support feature image

    ALIAS support

    ALIAS records provide CNAME like behaviour for root or apex domains. Giving you the flexibility of a CNAME record but behaving like a A record for your users.

  • Easy redirects feature image

    Easy redirects

    Use URL records to redirect users without having to configure your web server. This can be useful to redirect the www to the non-www version of your site.

  • All common records feature image

    All common records

    All common DNS records are supported. You can easily setup MX, TXT, SRV records and many more. Full control over your DNS is key for any cloud native infrastructure.

  • Powered by Dnsimple feature image

    Powered by Dnsimple

    We have partnered with the DNS experts from Dnsimple to provide you a simple but powerful DNS service fully integrated into our interface.

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