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Unparalleled Performance

Enable your project with unparalleled performance served by our three GPU offerings. From AI to rendering, find the best GPU for your individual project and workload.

Lightning-fast Rendering picto

Lightning-fast Rendering

With videos becoming ever more popular and larger in size, a GPU that helps reduce rendering time is irreplaceable. Cut your rendering times significantly by trusting in our GPUs.

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Applications at Scale

Needs change, requirements change - Exoscale changes with them. Scale up your applications as needed to answer the ever-changing environments.

From artificial intelligence to rendering. Move your workload to the Cloud.

Exoscale’s GPU instances are ready to be used with the framework of your choice, whether it’s Tensorflow, OneClick, FFmpeg, Theano, Caffe2, or PyTorch. Optimize costs and performance with maximum computational power, on-demand.

Use your favorite AI and Machine Learning framework on Exoscale's on-demand GPU instances

GPU Products

GPUs fitting for your needs. Rely on our performance to solve your individual problem.

GPU1 on Exoscale


Our Tesla P100 based GPU1 is recommended for high-performance computing in the cloud.

GPU2 on Exoscale


Our Tesla V100 based GPU2 is recommended for deep learning, neural networks, AI and more.

GPU3 on Exoscale


Our A40 based GPU3 is the all-rounder for AR, VR, simulations, rendering, AI and more.


GPU Cloud Servers Features

Check out GPU pricing and access GPU cloud servers.

How to choose the right GPU?

Depending on your project and requirements, you might need a different GPU. This comparison table has an overview of the features and potential use cases for each GPU offering, giving you the right direction to go in for your next project. Contact us if you need more information about GPUs.

Graphic Card Tesla P100 Tesla V100 A40
Cuda Cores per card 3584 5120 10752
Tensor Cores per card 0 640 336
RT Cores per card 0 0 84
GPU memory per card 16 GB 16 GB 48 GB
GPU cards 1-4 1-4 1-8
CPU cores 12-48 12-48 12-96
RAM per instance 56-225 56-225 56-448
SSD local storage max. 1.6 TB (SATA) max. 1.6 TB (SATA) max. 1.6 TB (NVMe)
Zones CH-GVA-2 AT-VIE-1 DE-FRA-1
Useable for AI, Machine Learning, Inference AI, Machine Learning, Inference Video, Rendering, VDI
AI, Machine Learning, Inference
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Level up with NGC on Exoscale GPUs

Combine the simplicity and scalability of the Exoscale Cloud with the power of NVIDIA GPUs. With our Docker based template you can access the full potential of the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) and significantly reduce time to solution.

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides a selected set of GPU-optimized software for artificial intelligence applications, visualizations and HPC. The NGC Catalog includes containers, pre-trained models, Helm charts for Kubernetes deployments and specific AI toolkits with SDKs.

NGC catalog works with both Exoscale Compute and Exoscale SKS. The image template for SKS worker nodes embeds the optimized version of the container runtime for NVIDIA cards, making quick work of starting any application from the catalog without fiddling with drivers and CUDA versions.

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Why GPUs on Exoscale

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  • Shared or dedicated Hypervisors
  • Large SSD Storage
  • No resource sharing
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  • Cutting edge GPUs
  • NVIDIA cards
  • Pass-through access
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  • Complete platform integration
  • Terraform support
  • API support
Choose from a Wide Selection of Officially Supported Templates
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