What is the SCF?

The Secure Control Framework (SCF) is a comprehensive approach to security that takes into account the full range of security risks and threats. It is designed to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to the challenges posed by today’s security environment. The SCF is built around the four pillars of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Safety, providing structure to its organization.


What are the benefits of using the SCF?

There are many benefits of using the SCF, some of which include:

  • helping to break down silos within organizations, so that everyone is working towards the same goal
  • helping to ensure that security and privacy principles are properly designed, implemented and maintained
  • helping to enable a data-centric approach to security, so that data is protected from the physical to application layers
  • helping to provide guidance on how to best protect an organization from cybersecurity and privacy threats

Leveraging the SCF allows organizations to:

  • Protect their information and systems from cyber threats
  • Comply with security regulations and standards
  • Implement a systematic and risk-based approach to security
  • Reduce the cost of security compliance

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