Protect data integrity picto

Protect data integrity

Ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency of your data over its full lifecycle with a PostgreSQL database. With advanced features this powerful database helps you to safely store and scale even the most complex data sets.

Build fault-tolerant environments picto

Build fault-tolerant environments

Resilient and secure environments are key for being successful. PostgreSQL offers many features, like write-ahead logging or point-in-time-recovery, to ensure fault-tolerant databases and environments.

Learn more about your customers picto

Learn more about your customers

With the ability to store metadata additonally to tables and columns, PostgreSQL enables you to get further insights into customer data. Also, easily combine structured and unstructured data.

Managed PostgreSQL on Exoscale

Managed PostgreSQL on Exoscale is the robust and reliable solution for complex and large data workloads. The object-relational database builds on but also extends the SQL language with a wide stack of features. The database is especially known and trusted for its proven architecture, reliability and data integrity.

PostgreSQL has a very active open source community, that continuously improves and extends the rich feature set and software to always deliver high-performant solutions. With being ACID-compliant, PostgreSQL is often used in the financial sector. Managed PostgreSQL on Exoscale let’s businesses, admins and developers focus on their application, while we care for maintenance and updates of your database.

Start your database

Build the database you need

The preferred database for many enterprises comes with an immense stack of features. Multi-Version concurrency Control (MVCC), Point-in-time-recovery (PITR), asyonchronous replication, JSON support - the list is quite extensive. PostgreSQL combines the advantages of being an object-relational database using SQL with being extensible due to it’s open source nature. Focus on building your own data types, custom functions or building your fault-taulerant database, while we take care of maintainence and updates with our managed offering.

Save costs with the right plan

Every company or database needs the right plan. From small application monitoring to analyzing petabytes of data, with the right plan you save costs - every day. Choose the right plan depending on redundancy needs and data protection mechanism required.


Hobbyist plans are suitable for small applications. All Hobbyist plans come with a daily backup and a backup count of two. Database forking is not available for this plan.

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Hobbyist-2 2 GB 8 GB 0 25 {{ prices['dbaas-pg']['hobbyist-2'][currency] | number:8 }}
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Combine your data in one database

With performance optimisation at its core, PostgreSQL is ideal as the primary data store of your web, mobile, or analytics applications. Especially for storage of both structured and unstructured data like videos, social media and auto our Managed PostgreSQL offering is the perfect choice. Replication features allow easy scaling to multiple database servers.

Start, scale, monitor. All in the same, simple interface.


Managed PostgreSQL Features



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Our DBaaS is powered by Aiven, one of the leading European companies for managing open source data infrastructure in the cloud. The partnership offers Exoscale customers an integrated environment for their complete cloud infrastructure – without any security compromise. Both companies are GDPR compliant to ensure highest standards for customers’ data. The sole use of open source projects make sure that customers are not vendor locked-in and always at the latest standard of technology.

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When running mission critical production workloads in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. Our customer success engineers have helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe migrate, run and scale production workloads on Exoscale.

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