Becoming an Exoscale Certified Professional is the best way to make the most out of the Cloud platform today, either for direct projects, customer assignments or partner expertise recognition.

Sample Exoscale Academy Certification

Available certification exams

  • Exoscale Foundation

    Foundation exams cover the foundational topics of the Exoscale platform.
    • Exam - Starter

      Overview and prerequisites

      Exoscale - Starter Exam

      The exam covers the foundational topics of Exoscale Cloud Basics and the specifics of Exoscale Compute, Object Storage, and DNS.

      • Overview - You are tested about Exoscale features, the market situation and positioning for products and whole scenarios.
      • Prerequisites - none
      • Length - max. 2 hours
      • Exam Objectives - Differentiate Exoscale product features, cloud basics, and usage scenarios.
      status: live
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    • Exam - Advanced

      Overview and prerequisites

      Exoscale - Advanced

      The exam covers the foundational topics of Exoscale Solutions Architecture, including Internet Basics, Connectivity, Monitoring, Cloud Security, Cloud Architectures, Database Architectures, and Container Architectures.

      • Overview - You are tested about the basic technology concepts, networking themes and advanced topics like databases, container and security.
      • Prerequisites - Exoscale 100 -Starter + Exoscale 100 - Pricing
      • Length - max. 2 hours
      • Exam Objectives - Demonstrate knowledge on applying technical concepts by leveraging Exoscale products to build and run modern application and cloud-native workloads.
      status: live
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  • Basics

    Basic certification exams are targeted at a non-technical audience.
    • Exam - Pricing

      Overview and prerequisites

      Exoscale - Pricing Exam

      This Level 100 exam focuses only on Exoscale Pricing. It will test you on the basic and the more sophisticated Exoscale Pricing topics and check your knowledge of product pricing calculation.

      • Overview - You are tested about Exoscale pricing, the different products, the pricing list and the pricing calculator.
      • Prerequisites - Exoscale 100 - Starter
      • Length - max. 0.5 hours
      • Exam Objectives - Calculate Exoscale pricing for products and scenarios.
      status: live
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