Exoscale Volume Discount

Our volume discount offers customers with high workloads an alternative option to be charged for their services. With our standard pricing, customers pay on-demand and only what they use. This core value of simplicity is also the foundation for the volume discount. Customers commit to a certain minimum usage per month and receive in exchange a discounted rate. A minimum period of 12 months is required.

The simple price structure ensures cost predictability and avoids hidden costs, in contrast to reserved instance pricing options or spot based pricing modes. For our volume discount, we do not require an upfront payment, or have complex details like zone limitations or type restrictions. Also, there is no technology lock-in by binding the discount to certain instance types. New instance types are always available within the discount commitment.


Simplicity in every aspect.

Simple Price Structure icon

Simple Price Structure

Our volume discount is a simple and linear pricing mode for all compute products in every zone. Customers are billed by the minute which ensures highest flexibility. We do not require an upfront deposit in advance for volume commitments. Keep it simple and linear without complex details like zone limitations or type restrictions. Easily add new instance types to your commitment. With our simple structure and open approach, we avoid technology lock-in on certain instance types.

No hidden costs icon

No hidden costs

The simplicity of our volume discount pricing mode ensures that no hidden or unexpected costs will show up on your bill. Customers have a defined minimum commitment of usage. If the minimum commitment is not reached via normal usage, then the minimum commitment is billed. We do not charge any extra fees for inter-zone traffic or IOPS.

Ensure cost predictability icon

Ensure cost predictability

Our pricing is designed to be linear and not dependent on usage duration which makes it highly predictable. The minimum duration of our volume commitments is 12 months. Cost predictability is important for many companies nowadays. With the Exoscale volume discount, you avoid having a lot of supervision on market prices, like for spot based pricing modes. Focus on your application, not on bidding options.

How it works in detail

What products are available for volume discounts?

Our volume discount is available for the following Exoscale products: Standard, GPU or Optimized instances and Kubernetes (SKS). Licensed products and marketplace offers are excluded from volume discounts.

What is the minimum duration?

We require a minimum duration of 12 months to be eligible for volume discounts. You do not need to commit for many years to get a fair rate.

How do volume discounts work?

You commit to a minimum usage per month for the next 12 months. If your usage is above the committed usage amount, you pay the usage at the discounted rate from the first usage spend in the period. If your usage is below the committed level, you will pay the minimum commitment.

Do I get a higher discount if I have high workloads?

Our volume discount offers different tiers. The higher your monthly committed usage, the more discount is available. Please contact our sales team so we can together find the best solution for your pricing mode.

What other pricing modes are available?

Currently we offer on-demand pricing and volume discounts. Learn more about the different pricing options at Exoscale.

How do I get the volume discount?

In order to get a volume discount please contact our sales team. We will review your request and get in contact with you to find the best possible solution for your workload.

Included With Every Exoscale Account

Contact our Sales Team

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