Starting today you can use your own Custom Templates on Exoscale.

This allows you to quickly create new Instances customized to fit your needs, without having to configure them out from scratch.

A Custom Template may be a custom operating system, or a custom configuration with pre-installed packages and software, in order for you to have full control of your environment.

Exoscale Custom Templates

Custom Templates support QCOW images with a virtual size between 10 and 100 GB, and can benefit from integrated Cloud-Init and Password Management at launch.

You can register a template from any HTTP accessible URL, e.g. uploading it on the S3 compatible Exoscale Object Storage beforehand. During registration we’ll verify the integrity of the image with a Checksum you provide. Refer to the full documentation to get started.

As usual the feature is available trough our Web application, CLI and API, giving you full freedom to automate and access the service the way your prefer.

Custom Templates are priced by their virtual size, at the same cost as Snapshots or Local Storage, 0.00013 EUR / GB hour. You will pay only for the storage of your template, while the registration and usage are free.