DE-FRA-1 is available immediately

On the heels of the recent Vienna Zone announcement, we are proud to unveil the next step in helping Exoscale grow beyond its Swiss roots. Today, Exoscale announces its fourth zone, located in Frankfurt.

cover pic

Codenamed DE-FRA-1, this zone has immediate availability for compute resources. S3-compatible object-storage will follow shortly to offer all essential building blocks for German teams designing cloud-native applications.

As always on Exoscale, workloads deployed in Germany are guaranteed to stay within the country, making GDPR-compliance projects easier than ever before. Combined with per-minute billing, SSD-backed hypervisors, and sub 30 second boot times, Exoscale will continue to provide impeccable privacy with no compromise on product features or performance.

Exoscale new logo

Tied with this zone launch, Exoscale is adjusting its visual identity to reflect its new ambition and position. Beyond Switzerland, Exoscale is now a full-fledged European cloud, and the best alternative to its USA-owned and operated counterparts. Exoscale’s new logo projects this image of reliability, scalability, and simplicity which permeates all products, while honoring our roots.

If you are curious about what we’re cooking for you in 2018, come meet the team at the Devops meetup in Paris on November 15th or at Goto Berlin on November 17th.