AT-VIE-2 is now generally available.

Starting today, AT-VIE-2 is available to all customers. It is the first time, we are offering a second zone within one city. With Vienna being at the heart of Europe, it is the perfect location to open the new zone.

AT-VIE-2 - one city, two zones

The new zone allow companies to build multi-zone applications while staying within one country, well even one city. With being in line to all major certifications, the new zone meets all requirements for a GDPR-compliant use.

AT-VIE-2 provides all the main Exoscale services out of the box: a Compute, S3-compliant Object Storage, Managed Kubernetes, DBaaS and all additional services such as Private Networks, Private Connect, Elastic IP, and more.

Compute capabilities of the new zone are built using latest generation Intel Xeon CPUs codenamed Sapphire Rapids and brings new acceleration routines out of the box. Coupled with a low network latency to AT-VIE-1 our initial Austrian zone, this new location is the perfect candidate for primary workloads when designing primary/secondary architectures or highly available applications.

Vienna now offers Exoscale’s seventh European zone marking our commitment to further expand our complete infrastructure offerings to all automation hungry teams across Europe.