The exoscale command line tool (“exo”) is now available as a snap package.

“Snaps” allow seamless installation for all linux distributions that support them (such as Ubuntu), making the Exoscale CLI installable with a simple

sudo snap install exoscale-cli

The exo binary is now available on your path:

exo config
exo vm list

The installed snap will be kept up to date automatically as we release new stable versions.

You’re good to go!

Our exo CLI now available as a snap

Migrating from other packaging solutions

If you’re currently using our Debian package, the easiest migration path is simply to remove the package from your system and install the snap instead.

On some systems, the Exoscale CLI configuration is kept in ~/.config/exoscale/*. In this case, the recommended approach is to move the directory over to ~/.exoscale/* with:

mv ~/.config/exoscale ~/.exoscale

Users who prefer to keep using our Debian packages are welcome to do so, we don’t expect to phase out the build of our Debian packages in the foreseeable future.

Known limitations

We currently only know of a single small limitation: due to the snap sandbox confinement, it is only possible to upload files to Exoscale’s object storage if they are in the current user’s $HOME: the snap is confined to only be able to read non-hidden files and directories in the current user’s $HOME, except for the “.exoscale” hidden directory.