For five years Exoscale has been building a public cloud offering that has grown to include compute, object storage and other services that help SaaS businesses to launch and grow.

Today I’m pleased to announce an exciting next step: the cloudControl team, technology and brand are joining Exoscale to build a richer range of cloud services for SaaS operators.

cloudControl joins Exoscale

Who is cloudControl?

I co-founded cloudControl eight years ago in Berlin. We were one of the pioneers of platform as a service and grew to have customers globally. During that time we also formed a strong partnership with Exoscale, as they offered the cloudControl PaaS on Exoscale infrastructure.

It became clear that we shared a common vision for how public cloud should work: we both believed that our job was to strip away complexity and provide a simple, scalable and safe service that enabled SaaS providers to focus on building their businesses.

Now we’re bringing the talents and technology of the cloudControl team together with Exoscale and I’m heading up Exoscale’s new Berlin office.

How will things change?

I’m really itching to tell you everything that we have planned, but for now I’ll share just a few parts of what we’re going to be doing.

At cloudControl we were one of the first companies to commit seriously to containers in production. Exoscale have shared that belief in containerisation and, now that we’re part of Exoscale, you’ll see more ways to benefit from containers in the Exoscale service.

The new Exoscale Berlin team will also be working on a range of new services that compliment Exoscale’s existing infrastructure as a service offerings. In particular, they’ll be aimed at helping SaaS providers to focus on running their business. Very soon you’ll see the first new service to come out of the Berlin team and I’ll be back here blogging about that with more details.

Our mission remains the same: simple, fast and secure cloud services protected by Swiss privacy laws.

If you want to know more, keep a look out for updates on this blog. There’s also a press release, if that’s your sort of thing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at events and writing more here on the Exoscale blog.