You can’t believe how excited we are to launch Exoscale. It’s been a heck of a ride getting everything prepared, and every edge case tested. We have now been running for a while for early customers and have everything in place to provide a self-service experience for everyone.

Here’s what we think you’ll love about Exoscale:

The technology

Take a look around our feature description here We have fast VMs, backed by persistent storage.

The privacy

Using our exclusive Swiss cloud platform clearly prevents US Patriot Act and similar disclosure risks.

We love developers and are dedicated to Open-Source

We know the needs of users of the cloud, we want you to be as agile as possible when working with our infrastructure.

With our jclouds support, complete cloudstack API and command line tools, you already have complete control of your infrastructure a few script away!

We will ensure this remains possible by working closely with upstream providers of these libraries.

We won’t stop here.

There are many more features to expect from Exoscale on each end of the cloud spectrum. Our IaaS offer is the first stepping stone in our all-Swiss cloud catalog, stay tuned for more.

Come see us at cloud-expo

Join us at Cloud Expo Europe this January 29th and 30th to discover about this new range and get exclusive preview in our roadmap.

Trials, demos and testimonials will be showcased at the event.

If you can not attend in London, follow us on twitter and stay up to date about this launch.