Hi cloud enthusiasts,

It’s been an exciting two weeks since providing access to our new open-cloud platform.

We’re having a hard time taking our eyes off our dashboards and watching accounts get created, VMs being spun up and customers using our new platform.

We will be running on an invite-only basis for a bit longer, but please get in touch if you want a CHF50 coupon to join the fun and get convinced.

We’ve had tons of interesting feedback on the platform so far and are working hard to deliver the best open-cloud management experience, be sure to keep posting your thoughts and ideas to our Trello board

This week we’ve been focusing on a few glitches some of you are experiencing when using our portal, most of which are already rolled out.

Here’s a summary of the most important updates:

  • Updated base templates with Ubuntu 13.04 & 12.04
  • Latest cloud-init support, with user-data
  • We now support SSH keypair imports (for RSA keys).
  • When creating keypairs, text selection is smoother
  • Better UI when creating keypairs and when creating security group rules

We’ll be working on further improvements and on showcasing automation tools which work on our platform such as puppet with user-data hints and pallet.

Last, come meet us at the following events if you can:

  • Clojure ZH in Z├╝rich on may 28th, where we’ll talk about pallet.
  • Build a cloud day where we’ll talk about working with the cloudstack API and accompanying tools.

Keep on clouding!