During the dotScale 2014 Paris conference, Exoscale launched the first Swiss PaaS solution. Platform as a Service simplifies the deployment and scalability of web applications. The service completely masks the infrastructure layer and handles the high availability and load balancing of traffic to web containers and workers.

Powering developers applications in Python, Ruby, PHP, node.js, Java, Scala and Clojure the new service is integrated into the Exoscale console. Deployments can be made via the console or a simple to use command line tool or API. Like all Exoscale products it features a simple usage based pricing to the minute. The service is available now from Geneva zone and will be expanded to future zones at a later time.

About Exoscale

Exoscale is a simple, scalable and safe cloud hosting provider and provides the best platform to host SaaS applications and to enable developers and sysadmins. Providing datacenters zones in Switzerland, Exoscale is since 2011 ideally located at the heart of Europe for fast response time. Best suited for SaaS providers and all data sensitive applications, the offering is built by a highly experienced and committed team.