Starting November 1st 2022, the following new price structure for compute instances will become applicable:

Instance Type Price hourly EUR/USD/CHF
micro 0.00729
tiny 0.01458
small 0.02333
medium 0.04666
large 0.09333
extra_large 0.18667
huge 0.37334
mega 0.74667
titan 1.49333
jumbo 2.24
gpu_small 1.16806
gpu_medium 1.71111
gpu_large 2.25417
gpu_huge 2.82083
gpu2_small 1.375
gpu2_medium 2.01389
gpu2_large 2.65278
gpu2_huge 3.31944
gpu3_small 2.13333
gpu3_medium 4.26667
gpu3_large 8.53333
gpu3_huge 17.06667
storage_extra_large 0.14
storage_huge 0.28
storage_mega 0.56
storage_titan 1.12
storage_jumbo 1.86667
cpu_extra_large 0.23333
cpu_huge 0.46666
cpu_mega 0.93333
cpu_titan 1.86667
memory_extra_large 0.14
memory_huge 0.28
memory_mega 0.56
memory_titan 1.12

The rest of the catalog, less bound to energy cost changes and chip shortages, will be applied a one-off FX alignment of 1:1 between current EUR and CHF price grid.

We are doing it because we do not want to hide for it and more importantly do not want to remove our abilities to still converge to a more sustainable cloud experience. This means making no compromise to lesser performance, SLAs or CO2 neutrality goals. Rest assured we are committed to continue to provide you with an industry leading price/performance-ratio and we aim to keep our prices stable and predictable for the foreseeable future.