Here are the new events to which we will attend and support. As always we try to pick the most appropriate events in which you can talk directly to team members and get hands on demonstrations of cloud integrations.

dotScale 2014 - May 19th - PARIS

dotScale is the European Tech Conference on Scalability and attracts very interesting speakers, makers of the Internet and important Open Source projects.

We will support the event and also propose a 4h workshop on Visibility. The workshop will give best practices on a current monitoring stack with tools like collectd, graphite.

Register here for the conference

Open Cloud Day - June 10th - BERN

The whole idea behind the Open Cloud Day is that all clouds should be open according the the principles of the open cloud initiative.


Exoscale will participate and give a talk on cloud and security at the GITI conference in EPFL. This conference will bring together IT and Cloud experts along with lawyers to bring light towards data protection and legal issues with Cloud Computing.

Registration not opened yet

Build a Cloud - April 24th - GENEVA

Learn more on cloud exosystems with community speakers from London, Israel, Amsterdam,… There will be presentation and hands on talks about:

  • Application deployment and PaaS
  • Design guides
  • NFV