During the June / July timeframe this year we will be moving datacenters in Zurich zone to a new facility closer to Zurich.

Rest assured, this move will be done without any downtime to your workloads as Exoscale has live migration capabilities under the bonnet.

The new location will be Zurich ZH5 with facility owner Equinix.

Why the move

As some of you might already know, the facility we have been using for some years now called Deltalis has changed owners recently and will cease its collocation activities by end of this year.

Notified months in advance of this change we have been able to plan for a transparent relocation to a sustainable datacenter in the Zurich area.

What this means for you

In more details, here are elements about the move on various levels.


The services offered from our Zurich zone will be exactly the same before and after the move. The zone name will stay the same as well. In fact, during the move itself, the zone will be a streched zone between the 2 locations.


There will be no impact regarding latency and upstream network performance before and after the move, as the ZH5 facility is already where we connect with other Internet providers today.

While doing the move we will upgrade our hypervisors uplinks from 2 x 10G to 2 x 25G like already the case on the other Exoscale zones. This will provide you with potentially more inter virtual server instance bandwidth.

What is next

Closer to the move date, we will be sending notices and advising on our usual status page.