Good news, everyone! We are raising our free bandwidth tier from 100 GB to 1 TB per month. That means that you get more bandwidth for your machines for free. Read on to find out more about how bandwidth billing works.

Bandwidth Billing

While all incoming traffic and traffic between your machines is free, outbound traffic usually needs to be paid after a certain mark. We raised this mark substantially from 100 GB to 1 TB per month and instance today.

Bandwidth is billed hourly and takes the number of machines running during the last one-hour period. That means, if you have 10 instances running, you have 10 TB free outbound traffic spread across all machines per month. The actual usage per machine is irrelevant since the bandwidth calculations are pooled, i.e. only the exceeding bandwidth of all instances combined is billed. If you have 5 instances where 1 uses 4 TB and the others don’t add up to more than 5 TB of outbound traffic per month, you will not have any additional bandwidth costs.

The hourly billing works in a way that we divide the 1 TB per month and instance into hours and then bill those accordingly. We provide 1.42 GB per hour per instance as free bandwidth for outgoing traffic.

bandwidth billing graph

If you want to know more about how billing at Exoscale works, check out our documentation and our talk Billing the Cloud.