We at Exoscale are part of GAIA-X working groups building the future of European cloud services. We are also part of A1 Group who is a Day One Member of GAIA-X. Joining the project at an early stage allowed us to participate and contribute to the groundbreaking work of defining the overall architecture, published earlier this year as a whitepaper GAIA-X: Technical Architecture


The GAIA-X project is about to be transformed into its next evolutionary stage. More organization are joining, the implementation work of architectural concepts are underway; complexity is increasing. A lot of change is necessary for the GAIA-X project orchestration in the coming months, including re-structuring, re-tooling, and re-organizing it.

Increased Commitment

As the GAIA-X project evolves, we increased our commitment to it. We recently formalized our membership as a Day One Member and added additional resources (security specialists, infrastructure architects) to support and contribute to the project.

Open Source Spirit

Open Source is in the DNA of Exoscale. We rely heavily on Open Source and love giving back to the community. Here is a glimpse of our contributions Open Source at Exoscale or as we call it: our home-grown projects. This mindset and passion we bring to the project. GAIA-X depends on participants working in an open-source-manner productively together towards a common goal in a distributed setup. Now, more than ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Conflicting legal frameworks are a burden for all European companies using cloud services to power their information infrastructures and want to be compliant in their data-processing at the same time. GAIA-X is the European answer to remove this difficulty in the future on a Pan-European level in a cross-national approach and form an eco-system free of these legal conflicts for users. We at Exoscale deliver services with the GAIA-X requirements today, with our GDPR compliant, scalable, and simple to use infrastructure products and are proud to ease the legal pressure many customers have to endure right now. GAIA-X is the right way into the future.

You want to find out more about the project, visit: https://www.data-infrastructure.eu/GAIAX/Navigation/EN/Home/home.html