The DIY spirit is strong with our team. So we decided to do BYOD another way. Build Your Own Desk instead of Bring Your Own Device? Why not. We dedicated some Friday afternoons to our furniture project and are quite happy with the results.

First we made sure we have all the pieces and tools we need. Exoscale BYOD 1

Afterwards, some dust protection for the rest of the office was needed. Exoscale BYOD 2

Moving on, here comes the real deal. Bruno Renié, Lead Developer, and Antoine Coetsier, CEO, making sure it’s all going smoothly. Exoscale BYOD 3

Almost done with one of the extra meeting tables, Antoine and Marc-Aurèle Brothier, Senior Software Engineer. Exoscale BYOD 4

If you want a close-up of how sturdy the desks are, check out the construction. Exoscale BYOD 5

We used 27mm thick cross-laminated wood. For measurements, in case you want to go all DIY on your own office furniture: Exoscale BYOD plans

The finished desk results can be seen here: Exoscale BYOD 6

And of course, for lunch and meetings with differences in the leg construction: Exoscale BYOD 7

Tell us what you think and whether you’ve done a similar project at your own office via Twitter.