There’s an old joke about the cloud being “just someone else’s computer”. Behind the snark, there’s a serious point to be made: when you trust your data and business to another company then you need to be certain of what would happen if that provider’s loyalties were torn.

Takedown requests happen for many reasons; copyright and trademark infringment being perhaps the most common. If your infrastructure provider is subject to the DMCA, someone who is upset with you can remove your presence from the internet with a single request.

As an Exoscale customer, here’s what you can expect from us should someone contact us claiming that you’re infringing on their intellectual property:

  • If the request is framed in US law, we will not take down your server(s). The USA’s DMCA does not apply in Switzerland. However, we will forward the claims to you.
  • If the complaint shows evidence that you are falling foul of Swiss copyright law, we will forward the complaint to you.
  • If we receive a Swiss court order obliging us to take your content offline then we will first ask you to remove the content and, if you are unwilling or unresponsive, we’ll take down the specific server(s) responsible for the content after having notified you.

We respect and abide by the laws of Switzerland. In fact, Switzerland was the first country in the world to protect the rights of creators through a copyright law. However, we want to work with you when infringement claims arise rather than taking your servers offline first and asking questions later.

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