We’ve been out surfing the web again, in search of interesting or entertaining bits and pieces of information. This time we were apparently more positive to articles on Big Data, which is understandable given how important and useful it can be. We thought you might like to read some of the articles we found, so without further ado: Here they are!

So, you’ve gathered data. Unstructured Big Data. Now you need to make use of it somehow. This article has some helpful tips on how to structure your Big Data.
Steps to structure Big Data

Having and protecting Big Data is all good and well. But you also need to analyze and understand how to make use of it. This is an article about being careful and avoiding pitfalls in your analysis.
Big Data - when correlations go crazy

There are some misconceptions about moving Big Data to the cloud. A few of them are addressed in this interesting article.
Misconceptions about moving Big Data to the cloud

Are you bootstrapping your SaaS business? Here’s a helpful guide about bootstrapping to profitability, written by someone who’s been there.
Bootstrapping an SaaS startup

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