Exoscale joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Cloud-native is more than just a fashionable phrase. To be cloud-native means focusing on the service you’re deploying, rather than the detail of how it gets to production.

Continuous integration, repeatable infrastructure as code, VMs in a public cloud, orchestrated containerisation where appropriate, multiple services working together: it all adds up to the cloud-native way of building and deploying software.

We’ve built Exoscale to serve cloud native teams. Cloud-native starts with reliable, simple, scalable infrastructure and we’ll be launching a range of products designed specifically to make it easier to go cloud-native.

So today I’m excited to announce that Exoscale has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. As part of the foundation we will help to shape the technologies used by cloud-native teams and we’re starting by exhibiting at the CNCF-supported Software Circus conference next week in Amsterdam.

Here’s to the cloud-native future!