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oneclick™ VDI & DaaS “À la carte”

Product Overview

Work from anywhere, safely and with lean structures and costs

oneclick™ is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the provisioning of digital workspaces. Via an interface, oneclick™ is connected to the Exoscale Cloud and includes comprehensive automation tools as well as a management, delivery and security layer for the deployment of turnkey VDI environments.

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oneclick™ eliminates on end devices both the cumbersome installation of software and the setup of (VPN) connections to server locations. Encrypted streaming of remote desktops, applications and data into the web browser provides a secure and centralised working environment for the office, home office or on the road.


  • a fully personalised, secure web portal for access to all assigned apps across all operating systems (Native Windows, Linux, MacOS & Web).
  • extremely fast, self-developed streaming protocol for smooth remote work as well as optimised mouse and keyboard inputs for mobile devices.
  • mounted drive that can be paired with any application, including drag-and-drop file upload and offline functionality.
  • automated connection of existing server locations to bring legacy applications instantly up to the state of the art.
  • via interfaces, create and manage new virtual machines using Exoscale infrastructure – for a successful cloud transformation.

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Simplified deployment, imaging and scaling on Exoscale

With oneclick™ you can read out existing environments from the Exoscale Cloud, and – without specialist knowledge – create networks and set up and manage new remote desktops with the required specifications and operating system. You can use pre configured or self-made images. Depending on the workload, the sizes of the VMs can be adjusted during live operation. Necessary firewall rules can be set directly in oneclick™ and easily administered.

Additional certified security

The oneclick™ platform acts as an additional tested and certified security layer with a Zero Trust Network architecture, whereby the Security Operations Center (SOC) is operated by recognised cyber security experts. Entire workspaces or individual applications can be secured with a 2nd factor.

Added values of the VDI solution from Exoscale + oneclick™

Optimise costs

Using event profiles, cloud resources from Exoscale Cloud can be switched on and off automatically. This allows you to adapt the operation of the utilised VMs to the actual working hours of your users and optimise infrastructure costs. From the Pay-as-You-Go pricing model of Exoscale Cloud, offers can be created at fixed prices.

Implement hybrid models

With oneclick™ it is also possible to implement hybrid workplace concepts, where the workload of certain applications is operated in the Exoscale Cloud, while other applications and data are hosted locally in the company‘s own data centre to meet special compliance requirements.



Quick Facts

  • Ready-to-use remote desktop from the Exoscale Cloud
  • No in-depth specialist knowledge required (managing without scripts)
  • Easy to understand
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Simple composition of the remote desktop as desired

oneclick™ takes care of:

  • Technical setup in the Exoscale Cloud
  • Secure and fully automated provisioning of the VDI solution for convenient use via any current web browser on all end devices


  • User for one app / Pay-per-License

    From 8.00 EUR per month (annual subscription)

  • User Licenses
    User Basic
  • Central use of more than one app via the oneclick™ Desk
  • 1GB Hybrid Drive storage for data transfer between connected and local device
  • Hybrid Drive App for sharing files
  • Cyber-Assurance
    Standard (up to 250 € coverage per user)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Access to a connection destination from on-premises, cloud or web infrastructure
  • No minimum order quantity

Editor Details

oneclick AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and innovation engine in Traunstein, Germany, specializes in the development and operation of a cloud platform for the automated and secure deployment of digital workspaces. The oneclick™ cloud platform is the easiest, fastest and safest way to provision all business applications and data and connect users to it. As a central access and distribution platform in the cloud, oneclick™ enables the management of the entire technology stack for application provisioning. The goal of oneclick AG is to play a major role in shaping and improving end-user computing.


Product setup

oneclick™ service consists of at least one “User license” and one “App license”. There are two types of users - Basic and Professional. The “Basic user” can access one app. Choose the “Professional User” if you want to use more apps.

The “Standard App” license offers a resolution of up to Full-HD, while the “Professional App” supports even 4K.

We offer oneclick™ with a flexible monthly subscription or you can benefit from a reduced price with a yearly commitment. Prices are charged on a monthly basis.

User Basic

oneclick™ User Basic licenses allow direct access to one connection target, such as software, desktop, terminal server, internal or public website. This connection target can be integrated into Office 365 or Google G Suite, for example, or accessed via a shortcut on your end device.

Monthly (yearly commitment) Monthly
1 User (Pay-per-License) 6.75 € 8.15 €
1 User (Pay-per-Pool) 8.00 € 9.40 €
1 User (Pay-per-Use) 9.30 € 10.70 €
1 GB Hybrid Drive (Add-On) 3.00 € 3.00 €

User Professional

The user professional license for multiple app delivery, complete user management as well as orchestration of any infrastructure resources with cyber assurance standard.

Monthly (yearly commitment) Monthly
1 User (Pay-per-License) 10.50 € 14.50 €
1 User (Pay-per-Pool) 14.25 € 18.25 €
1 User (Pay-per-Use) 18.00 € 22.00 €
1 GB Hybrid Drive (Add-On) 3.00 € 3.00 €

App licenses

You can use an app to make a resource (on-premise, web or cloud) connected in oneclick™ available to a user. The user gets access to it via a tile on his desk, which authorizes him to use this connection target.

Monthly (yearly commitment) Monthly
1 Standard App (Pay-per-License) 2.00 € 2.60 €
1 Standard App (Pay-per-Pool) 2.60 € 3.20 €
1 Standard App (Pay-per-Use) 3.20 € 3.80 €
1 High-Performance App (Pay-per-License) 7.50 € 9.75 €
1 High-Performance App (Pay-per-Pool) 9.75 € 12.00 €
1 High-Performance App (Pay-per-Use) 12.00 € 14.25 €

Support and Consulting Services

Support Price
Paid support (for requests not included in the support program according to SLA)
per started 15 minutes
30.00 €
Consulting Services (for project management, setup, configuration, maintenance and the like)
per hour
140.00 €
Consulting Services (Sunday/Night + 50 %)
per hour
210.00 €

VPN Endpoint

Complete set up of a VPN endpoint in the network of the server to be connected, incl. VM - setup fee 75.00 €

Additional Options

Service Monthly (yearly commitment) Monthly
Ezeep Print Management
1 user
1.99 € 1.99 €
F-Secure Endpoint Security
1 user
3.30 € 4.40 €
USB-Redirection Client
1 user
5.00 € 6.50 €
1 user
0.59 € 0.59 €

Microsoft Annual licenses

Service Monthly (yearly commitment)
Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3
1 user
19.70 €
Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5
1 user
34.40 €
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
1 user
31.50 €
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5
1 user
53.70 €
Microsoft SAL
1 user
8.50 €

Billing Model


In the Pay-per-License model, the customer pays for the oneclick™ user per license indepently of the usage.


In the Pay-per-Pool (concurrent) model, the customer pays for the oneclick™ user licenses a fixed price per created user for the hybrid drive. In addition, a premium is charged for a selected number (pool) of user licenses that can log in simultaneously. Any number of users can be created.


In the Pay-per-Use (concurrent peak) model, the customer pays for the oneclick™ user licenses a fixed price per user for the Hybrid Drive. In addition, a surcharge is calculated for all users who have accessed simultaneously in the “peak” during the course of a month. Any number of users can be created.

Usage & Technical Prerequisites

For usage and technical pre-requisites, please see the official vendor documentation.

Technical Documentation

For technical documentation, please see the official vendor documentation.

Service and Support


oneclick support is available Monday to Friday 8:00am -16:00pm (CET) by e-mail ( or phone by calling 0800 150 2400.

Terms of Service

By using this product, you agree to terms and conditions of the provider: