Exoscale EDGE bridges the gap between cloud and edge workloads, offering development and operations teams a unified experience, using a single control plane to deploy their applications. Data and workloads can be pre-processed on the edge while keeping an upstream connection with the cloud for full access to capacities and burst.


A miniature Exoscale data center, wherever you need it

You can have Exoscale services running locally near you, no matter where, and still manage them through the Exoscale experience and tooling. EDGE zones have no geographic boundaries, spanning across buildings, cities, countries.

5G connectivity for reliable bandwidth and extra low latency

Every EDGE zone is connected to the 5G network, providing fast networking to the nearest Exoscale Zone, extending its reach. Local intelligent devices can swiftly connect to the local EDGE pod, dramatically reducing latency for highly responsive applications.
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With Exoscale Edge and its recent deployment at the 5G site in Klagenfurt, Austria, we are ready as a leading Telecommunications Operators in multiple countries for the edge challenges of our most demanding customers. Dr. Wolfgang Fleischer, MBA – Group Technology & Future Services, Strategy & Innovation – A1 Group

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