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Product Overview

Embrace the New Standard for Data Protection

RegData Protection Suite (RPS) is a secure platform providing static and dynamic protection services for confidential and sensitive personal data, available on-demand via API calls. This encompasses many use cases, including protected test/dev, SaaS application data protection, Legacy application data protection. It is the cornerstone of all transformation from cleartext data to protected data, and vice versa. The RPS SaaS Platform aims at helping you meet your data security and data regulatory requirements.

The goal of RPS SaaS Platform is to transform your confidential and sensitive data with the objective of protecting or unprotecting it, depending on the business requirements.

The RPS SaaS Platform provides data protection (tagging, injection, anonymization, encryption, tokenization and pseudonymization) as a service. These services are:

  • RPS Core Configuration web application
  • RPS Engine Transform API
  • RPS Identity API
  • RPS Community web site

With the RPS Core Configuration web application, administrators can administrate their accounts and define data transformation configurations:

  • Rights contexts defines the rights the client has on the transformation of data instances’ values (the data entities). The right on the transformation request on a single data entity can be:

    • Not defined : no access to the data. The response to the transformation request is a null value.
    • Can READ : data can be read. The response to the transformation request is the input value.
    • Can TRANSFORM : data can be transformed. The response to the transformation request is the transformed input value. A given rights context is represented (instantiated) with an array of evidence sets
  • Processing contexts defines the type of processing (encryption, anonymization, tokenization, pseudonymization) that can be performed on the defined sensitive data.

  • Evidence sets of primitive data values which map the transformation context to use (Rights context and Processing context). E.g., user role, evidence of use in mobility, GPS position, time, …

RPS Engine

RPS Engine provides you with the RPS Transform API responsible for data transformations. Data transformations include multiple encryptions, anonymization, pseudonymization and tokenization algorithms.

RPS Identity

This module is used for the authentication of the users signing in RPS CoreConfiguration; authentication of the transformation requests sent to RPS Engine. This authentication is provided by the Identity API

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Privacy by Design

  • Apply and enforce consistent Privacy by design while developing, testing your applications.
  • Developers, testers will benefit from multiple data protection capabilities as a coding, testing option.
  • Rely on rich protection libraries designed for development, testing purpose.
  • Consume the data transformation services in a fully transparent way via our RPS Engine Transform API.

On demand data protection

  • It is all about configurations via our RPS Core Configuration web application
  • You will be in a position to quickly perform your needed configurations related to your confidential data. Standard configuration with rights context, processing context and evidence will be totally understood after few configurations. Our Wizards will help you any way.

Pay as you go

  • Do not pay upfront your data protection services but only when you start consuming it based on a number of transformations (Protect and/or deprotect confidential data).
  • Costs transparency level related to data protection will be the same you get with Exoscale for the IaaS.

Editor Details

REGDATA, founded in 2018 and based in Lausanne Switzerland, is the holder of the proprietary RPS (RegData Protection Suite) software which allows for the protection of confidential data and the provision of real-time compliance reports (EU-GDPR, FINMA, ECB, etc.).

Our company is considered a Scale-Up as it has experienced an important growth in Switzerland and Europe, with major national and international customers from 12 major market sectors including Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Industrial, Public Services, Insurance, Telecommunication, BPO, Pharma, Human Resources, Energy, and IT.


Per transformation


Transformation CHF/EUR/USD per unit
Anonymization 0.010
Encryption 0.011
Tokenization 0.015
Pseudonymization 0.015
Others 0.009

Core configuration services

  • Account: a company, a customer
  • Users: a user
  • Targets: a protected application, a scenario
  • Configurations: a core configuration for transformation, so a group of properties, classes, right contexts, processing contexts

Service included

  • Transformation usage reports monthly on demand
  • Wizards
  • Support : Incident / Problem Managememt: Best Effort / Emails-Call / Opening Hours
  • Service availability : 99.90% (SLA)
  • Back up infrastructure and RPS configurations: All configurations Daily
  • Alerting and Monitoring infrastructure and protection Services: Coverage : 24/24 7/7
  • Protection techniques: anonymization, encryption, tokenization, pseudonymization
  • Secured Datacenter: Hosting in Switzerland

Usage & Technical Prerequisites

For usage and technical pre-requisites, please see the official vendor documentation.

Technical Documentation

For technical documentation, please see the official vendor documentation.

Service and Support


The support service starts when a client that has faced an issue with the REGDATA SaaS service sends an email to the REGDATA support: or call us to the following number: +41217112207 In the incident description the user will be required to describe the time the incident happened as well has a description of the issue. It will also be recommended to attach screenshots to this email. This email will be sent to REGDATA for investigation. REGDATA will then analyze the issue and provide a fix.

1st, 2nd and 3rd level of support

REGDATA will analyze and diagnose issues/incidents happening on the RPS Platform:

  • Definition of the type of incident
  • Definition of the level (P1, P2, P3) of the incident
  • Log analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Analysis and solving of performance issues
  • Debug incidents
  • Fix bugs or issues

Performance analysis and reporting:

  • Follow up on incidents
  • Platform usage reports
  • Platform performance reports
  • On demand reports on incidents

Incident escalation

Once an email is received, REGDATA will record the incident in Jira, its ticketing system. Jira will be used internally to follow the incident solving. REGDATA will communicate about the incident with the client by email.

Level of priority and type of incidents

An incident describes:

  • Any lack of availability of the RPS SaaS Platform
  • Any misbehavior affecting the services provided by the RPS SaaS Platform, or affecting the data provided by the RPS SaaS Platform
  • Any regression in the functions or data offered by the RPS SaaS Platform
  • Any performance issues

The types of issues are:

  • Minor. Issue affecting a minor function of the platform, or misbehavior not affecting the operation nor the results. This type of incident impacts the usability of the RPS Platform.
  • Major. Describes an issue generating a significative loss of capabilities and impacting business capabilities of the client using the platform.
  • Blocking. An incident is blocking when it prevents the client using the platform from providing its service.

Terms of Service

By using this product, you agree to terms and conditions of the provider: