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Product Overview

The BIG-IP Virtual Edition is F5’s application delivery services platform for Exoscale. From traffic management and service offloading to application access, acceleration and security, the BIG-IP Virtual Edition consistently ensures your applications are fast, available and secure.

F5 BIG-IP VE modules are available as standalone licenses as well as through F5 Good, Better, Best (GBB) license bundles which include:

  • GOOD: BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • BETTER: GOOD + BIG-IP DNS + Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM)
  • BEST: BETTER + Application Security Manager (ASM) + Access Policy Manager (APM)

The Best package includes the full functionality of the Better package, as well as BIG-IP APM for secure, anytime, anywhere application access, and BIG-IP ASM, the industry’s most effective and robust web application firewall (WAF) for protection against a large breadth of application layer security threats including L7 DDoS, bot attacks and all OWASP top 10 attack types.


  • Flexibility: Get the most versatile deployment options in the industry to meet your current requirements, with the ability to implement additional BIG-IP modular services (such as identity federation or WAF protection) as you need them.
  • Agility: Quickly and efficiently spin up or down leading application services depending on your specific requirements or usage spikes, with the option to utilize F5 tried & tested cloud formation templates to effortlessly deploy new instances quickly and confidently.
  • Consistency: With the same code and breadth of features as industry leading F5 hardware products, you can rapidly provision the same intelligent services that protect and deliver your on-premises applications, in the cloud.

Editor Details

F5 Networks, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is a global company that specializes in application services and application delivery networking (ADN). F5 technologies focus on the delivery, security, performance, and availability of web applications, as well as the availability of servers, cloud resources, data storage devices, and other networking components.

Maintainer Details

A1 Digital advises companies in matters of digital transformation and guides them through the digitisation of their business areas. The focus is on industry-specific applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as cloud-based products and solutions for the modern workplace.

With scalable services, A1 Digital is also an ideal partner for digital projects in medium-sized companies. As part of the Telekom Austria Group and therefore also América Móvil, the company can rely on the mature infrastructure of one of the world’s largest mobile network operators.

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Version Details

F5 BIG-IP is available in the following versions:

  • BIG-IP
  • BIG-IP


The total end customer pricing is the sum of the pure IaaS price according to the Exoscale price information and the license cost for the F5 image. For the BYOL model the customer has to manage the license and the related costs.

CPU Cores RAM (min / max) Storage (min / max) Recommended Instance Type Price (EUR)
GOOD 4 / 8 4 GB / 32 GB 200 GB / 800 GB Medium 0 (BYOL) Deploy
BETTER 4 / 8 4 GB / 32 GB 200 GB / 800 GB Large 0 (BYOL) Deploy
BEST 4 / 8 4 GB / 32 GB 200 GB / 800 GB Huge 0 (BYOL) Deploy

Usage & Technical Prerequisites

Please note, that in this license case Exoscale cannot guarantee the vendor support for the virtual Application Delivery image. It is the responsibility of the customer to purchase a license and a software subscription.

For using F5 Application Delivery instances it is important to know that the licenses are based on the desired module/module bundle and the overall instance throughput.

Please see the traffic billing at Exoscale.

The customer needs to identify the necessary instance and take over the responsibility of sizing.

Technical Documentation

Due to technical restrictions on a platform level, the use of single NIC deployments as a deployment method is recommended and the only method which is supported from Exoscale support.
Using this deployment method, the instance is deployed with just a single network interface.

The operating system recognizes this setup and uses DHCP to configure the necessary settings on that interface. Administrators can access the management UI using the following address:


The multi NIC deployment method is technically possible but requires further architectural and design changes.

For the initial configuration, the credentials for the root and admin users must be set at first login (see K10612010) at the CLI via the Exoscale console.

It is in the responsibility of the customer to protect administrative access (interface ports 22 and 8443) using security groups, so that only intended people can access it.

Administrators are allowed to upgrade instances by installing new base images or hotfixes at their own responsibility.

Service and Support

With the BYOL model the customer is fully responsible for service and support.

  • For issues related to the software (eg.: configuration, functionality, etc.) itself, the customer needs to contact the editor:
    F5 support desk
  • For issues related to the BYOL template (eg.: build issues, version issues, interaction with the underlying infrastructure, etc.), the customer needs to contact the maintainer:
    A1 Digital security support desk
  • For issues related to the infrastructure (eg.: account management, virtual machine issues, etc.) the customer needs to contact Exsocale:
    Exoscale support desk

Terms of Service

By using this product, you agree to terms and conditions according to the F5 end user license agreement (EULA).