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Product Overview

The Enterprise File Fabric secure data management platform unifies siloed filesystems and object storage including Exoscale Simple Object Storage into a single, easily managed infrastructure.

Organizations want to leverage the cloud for their entire business, not just for archiving data and building cloud-based applications.

With the Enterprise File Fabric platform, end users, through desktops and mobile devices, can access cloud storage as they would any network filesystem. In fact any application that can access a network drive can now take advantage of the high durability, scalability and low cost of cloud storage.

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The File Fabric focuses on providing a policy driven approach to achieving regulatory compliance for files, wherever they are stored, and as such can aid in GDPR, HIPPA and Californian Consumer Privacy Act Compliance (CCPA).

‘Smart data indexing’ provides the basis for intelligent content discovery and file policy enforcement whilst promoting collaboration and user productivity across data silos.

The File Fabric integrates with existing company Identity Access Management solutions such as Active Directory, LDAP or SAML providing Single-Sign-On to data assets.


  • Network Drive - Cloud storage can be accessed through a network drive, with LDAP enforced permissions. Users work with the file-based desktop tools and applications they are used to. Organizations can preserve investments in applications and processes as they move to the cloud, significantly reducing migration costs and risk.
  • Universal Search - Content search indexes all files to provide a private search capability for corporate data.. Content discovery provides continuous real-time monitoring for PII or other data.
  • No Vendor Lock In - Unlike some other solutions, file names or content are not modified when stored in the cloud. The solution co-exists with applications using the data through native cloud APIs.

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